Teaching Philosophy

As a teacher, what I desire most in the classroom is equality. No matter who someone may be, or what their background is in education, I wish for everyone to be accepted by each other equally. As much as I want to teach students about all that they wish to know, I also need to keep an open mind to learn a few things myself. No one is ever done learning, and that includes educators. Something I’ve found out over my time in school is that younger people can be surprisingly eloquent, so it’s always good to keep your mind open to new ideas.

Education is one of the major key to success in the future, and I will have my classes each day with this in mind. An educators job is to shape young people into remarkable, well-educated young adults. I strive to take this job to heart and effectively ‘raise’ students into fine young people who can hold their own once they have graduated school and move on to the real world.