Reflection of the Semester

To avoid repeating myself from my summary of learning post, I’ll keep this somewhat brief – we’re at the end of another semester, and what a semester it has been.

At the start of the term, we each were assigned a few students from EDTC300 that we were to ‘mentor’ over the course of the semester. Mentoring included reading their weekly blog posts, making comments on their posts, and suggestions for how to build their PLN. Early in the semester, I started a Slack message group with my 3 mentee’s that was meant to be a space where we could talk and ask questions or bounce ideas off of each other.

These ended up being the only messages in the channel, unfortunately.

I am rather unfortunate to say that I did not get to do as much mentoring this semester as I would have really liked. With the increased workload of many of my classes, plus non-school related business, I never really found the time to do the mentoring each week. The only real excuse is my bad habit to procrastinate and then forget to ever do the things that I’ve procrastinated. During the brief moments where I tried to read my mentee’s blogs to make comments, I have noticed noticeable growth from all three of my mentee’s. While there was some uncertainty at first, they have all grown as technological users and their PLN’s have grown considerably. They have all made a considerable image of themselves not only on their blogs, but on their Twitter pages aswell.

Even though I neglected to do the mentoring that I should have been doing over the semester, seeing my classmates experiences with it shows how fulfilling and useful it can be. Having someone to go toward if you ever need help, and being able to see the growth of someone who is in the shoes who you were once in is an incredibly fulfilling act.

For the future, something I really want to/need to work on is taking my online profile much more seriously. Especially for school work, but even in as a professional – building my PLN more often, engaging on sites like Twitter or in Twitter EdChats, or even just in the chat rooms like Slack. All of these are important for building not only a good social media presence, but for building my digital resume, which is becoming increasingly more important in modern society. Hopefully the future can bring more development and nourishment to my PLN as I go through my remaining years of school.

With that, I want to wish all of my classmates to have a great summer, as well as Katia. And a final apology to my mentees, for not always being the mentee I should have been throughout the whole semester.

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