My Online Presence in 2019

Going into this, I was super curious to see what my current online footprint is like nowadays. We did a very similar blog post about this last year in EDTC300, so coming back over a year later to explore what might be different now is rather exciting.

I figured I would start this post the same way I did last time – with an incognito-mode Google search! And not to my surprise, the result is pretty much the same as last years.

I am nowhere to be found!

Nothing on me. Again, Google thinks my name is being spelled wrong (suggesting Jessie over Jesse), and all the results are related to an event that actually popped up in my first search as well, albeit this time it’s an update rather than the initial reporting. However, even after browsing multiple pages, nothing comes up on me (even when changing the Google search to “Search only for Jesse Simpson”). Maybe there really are just too many Jesse Simpson’s in the world? Perhaps my digital footprint isn’t as big as I would think it is.

To avoid just having a repeat of the EDTC300 post,  the result only changes when I add my old hometown or Regina to the search, and then both my old YouTube account and my blog pop up, but I have to get rather specific while searching for myself for any meaningful results to appear. So instead of that, we should focus on specific websites to see if we cannot get any results. So let’s switch to one of the most popular social media sites of modern society – Facebook!

Screen cap of my Facebook profile

Curious enough, I can’t find my Facebook page if I am not signed in to my own Facebook account. I thought maybe I just was not scrolling enough when searching my name, but I tried copy and pasting the URL to my Facebook page and it would tell me the page could not be found (but would work just fine while signed in). I am not sure why it does this, because I do not have any settings enabled in my privacy settings to disallow people from searching my name or going to my page, so it may just be a Facebook thing.

Anyway, my Facebook page is pretty basic, as far as most Facebook pages go.  Most of my posts are either people tagging me in things or me sharing posts from pages I follow. Constantly making comments on my own life isn’t really my thing, as the people that I care about sharing my life with, I will do personally and privately. For the most part, my Facebook page is just used for keeping in touch with old friends through their posts and Messenger, and following pages that I am interested in (mostly musical groups).

Moving on past Facebook, we have my Twitter page. Looking at my most recent post, you can tell how much I REALLY use Twitter (my most recent post was December 2017. Oops!) Working on being more active in the Twitterverse is something I want to work on through this year, as even though I had set it up during my first year, I’ve used it extremely sparingly, both in sharing my own thoughts and ideas as well as browsing other peoples ideas. Regardless of how much I’ve used my Twitter page, searching my name on Twitter actually has me as one of the top search results, so my account is not hard to find. Hopefully by the end of the semester, my Twitter page will have much more professional content on it that can be used to strengthening my Personal Learning Network.

The only other biggest form of social media I can think of is Instagram, but exploring myself on that is fairly difficult as I do not actually have an Instagram account. This might be somewhat surprising, especially in 2019 where the vast majority of young people seem to have one, but the concept of Instagram does not particularly interest me (which is kind of funny, because I do like my fair share of Snapchat which is a fairly similar “sharing pictures” concept).

All in all, my digital footprint has not really grown since I started building my PLN last year. Obviously there are a few more places where you can find me (like on Twitter or on my blog), but in regards to doing a quick search for me on Google, it has not really changed. However, this year will hopefully show a lot more growth for my PLN so maybe by the end of the year, my name will actually show up on a Google search when you search for Jesse Simpson.



One thought on “My Online Presence in 2019

  1. Hey Jesse! I also use Facebook mainly for keeping in touch with people and don’t make many posts on it anymore. Do you think our potential employers would care that we have not been keeping up on our Facebook posts? Can’t wait to hear back from you!


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