Searching for the REAL Me… on Google!

This past couple weeks in the EDTC300 class, we’ve looked at digital identities and how they can impact your view on a person. This got me wondering – what does my digital identity say about me? What kind of person does my digital identity portray me as? How much can I even find on myself? And so, I went on a journey… to find myself.

Hopping into incognito mode, a quick Google Search shows some interesting results…

A whole lot of NOTHING!

Absolutely nothing on me. It doesn’t show in the picture, but at first,  Google thought I spelled “Jesse” wrong (recommending “Jessie” instead)! Regardless, none of the first page’s results have anything to do with me. Even after browsing through TEN PAGES of results, not a single thing about me pops up. Instead, all kinds of things pop up. Jesse’s going to court, Jesse’s who run businesses, and more. It’s crazy to think that so many people share the exact same first and last name as me, especially since I don’t think “Jesse” is a very common spelling of my name (as shown by Google’s recommendation of “Jessie”).

Anyway, it’s obvious I need to narrow down my search. So I throw my old home town into the search bar, and…


We have a few hits! The first hit is actually this very blog! Not too surprising, since the main page itself mentions my old home town. The picture in the “Images” tab is actually from this blog, aswell! Other than that, there is a YouTube video of a band concert I recorded and uploaded on a channel I made a long time ago and forgot the password to and couldn’t recover as I made it with an email I deactivated a while back (here’s a link if you’re curious [I’m not going to put it in the post since it’s not 100% related]. Warning, it’s not amazing).

Outside of those, the other relevant results seem to be more about my family than me. The Indian Head High School result is about my younger brother, and the Town of Indian Head result is about my Dad. Outside of these few results, there doesn’t seem to be anything else directly related to me. So what next?

Well, social media would be the next big thing. We’ve already established my YouTube channel, but like I said, it’s an old account with only the one video on it. Nothing else and no links to anything. So how about Facebook? Well, I actually tried looking through it when it popped up in the first search, and… I actually can’t find myself on it. I don’t know if it’s because of some sort of privacy setting I used at some point, but I don’t pop up at all, even when searching “Jesse Simpson Regina”. The only person that pops up is another person from Regina with the same name as mine, which I found curious. I might have to look into my privacy settings to see what’s going on with that.

The other major social media I can think of is Twitter, and I think the search results of that will be rather obvious, considering the Twitter account IS linked to my blog.

My Twitter Page.

My Twitter page is entirely professional. All I’ve used it for (so far) is stuff directly related to the EDTC300 class. Everyone I follow is from EDTC300, and all my posts relate to it. It also links directly to my blog. Though it is professional, it does show a little bit into my personal life, with the heading image of my band’s music gear, similar to the heading image on my blog with a picture of a concert we played this past summer.

Anyway, this really ends my digital identity. I can’t find anything else tied to me through searches on Google or social media. Apparently, I’ve kept my digital footprint quite small over the years, even if inadvertently.  The only suspicious thing is the Facebook searches – I find it strange that I do not appear no matter what I search, so I feel like there may be something missing there, and perhaps me not being logged in had something to do with it? I’m not too familiar with exactly how strict my Facebook’s privacy settings are,

So what does my digital identity say about me? Well, from the things I’ve found, my love for music is immediately obvious, what with all the nods to music throughout my blog, twitter profile, and YouTube channel. Outside of my passion for music, my Twitter page shows the professional side I possess and how serious I take it. I can see how someone might find the lack of information on me a little suspect, but that just goes with having a name that’s shared with people all around the world.


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